meteoandes Mountain meteorological data Description Meteorological data from an automatic weather station in the Central Andes of Chile. Usage data(meteoandes) Format A data frame with 1152 observations on the following 10 variables. year Year doy Day of the year hh hour mm minute Tair Air temperature, grades centigrade pyra1 Incoming solar short-wave radiation Wm^-2 pyra2 Reflected solar short-wave radiation Wm^-2 windspeed Wind speed, ms^-1 winddir Wind direction, degrees RH Relative humidity % Source Measured by the author on Loma Larga Glacier, -33.6917, -70.0, 4640 m a.s.l. January 2001. References Corripio, J. G. and Purves, R. S.: 2005, Surface energy balance of high altitude glaciers in the Central Andes: the effect of snow penitentes, in C. de Jong, D. Collins and R. Ranzi (eds), Climate and Hydrology in Mountain Areas, Wiley, London, chapter 3, pp. 15-27. Examples data(meteoandes) str(meteoandes) # plot the 2 pyranometers measurements # one facing up: incident insolation, one facing down: reflected insolation meteodate = strptime(paste(meteoandes$year,meteoandes$doy,meteoandes$hh,meteoandes$mm), format="%Y %j %H %M",tz="America/Santiago")26 normalvector plot(meteodate,meteoandes$pyra1,'l',col=2,xlab='Date', ylab=expression(paste('Solar radiation [ ',Wm^-2,' ]')), main='Insolation at Loma Larga glacier') lines(meteodate,meteoandes$pyra2,col=4)