Custom Ubuntu Distribution named 'DBLab'

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We are a member of the Open Invention Network.

In this Web page, some screenshots of DBLabLite 12.04 and DBLabLx 12.04 systems are explained. The download page of the systems is another Web page.

Boot Procedure

  1. Select the「Boot the Live System」 to boot the live system. Select the「Start the installer directry」 to install the system into a hard disk (or USB stick).

    The following figure is booting the Live System

  2. Boot Finished


  1. Select the 'ubuntuuser', and click 'Login'

  2. login succeeded.


  1. Select 'Logout' in application menu.

  2. Select 'Shutdown'.

Choose language

You can choose language when login

Keyboard settings

Launch the lekeymap to change keyboard settings.

Application menu

Right click menu

Do right click on background

Home directory

Root directory

Launch application using an application launcher on the left side